On Saturday, October 25th two of the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre’s finest doctors sacrificed their hair in compassionate support of all Cumberland Cancer patients who are battling this dreadful disease.

Dr. Andrea Faryniuk (Surgery) and Dr. Rosario Hernandez (Anesthesia) challenged each other to see who could raise the most money for Cumberland Cancer Assistance, a fund managed by the Cumberland Health Care Foundation, where 100% of every donation goes to help Cancer patients in Cumberland County. 

The Mane Event picked up on the "challenge" by theming the event to look like a boxing match - right down to the robes, gloves, boxing ring and music. The doctors were great sports in helping set everything up and diving  into their roles with gusto. What no one expected was the wave of emotion that filled the room when the hair cutting began. It was then that the reality of what cancer patients endure in their treatment, and the connection that the doctors have with each one of their patients and their patients' families really hit home.

“When you’re a surgeon you meet a lot of people with cancer. You diagnose cancer and you treat cancer. By virtue of that you get to know patients quite well,” Dr. Faryniuk said. “You get to know who they are and you get to meet their families, and all of that at quite a distressing time.

“They're not just patients with breast cancer or colon cancer or pancreatic cancer, they become your friends and you care about them,” she added. “So it gives me great pride today that the money raised is for a lot of my friends who I see on a regular basis; I’m pretty proud of that.”

The "winner" was Dr. Rosario Hernandez but both doctors proved to be champions raising more than $19,000!

“It has been great but I think it would very good if every year around this time, without the need for anybody to shave their head, we keep the tradition of the Mane Event,” Dr. Hernandez said. “It would be nice if people donate a small amount, make a small contribution, just to keep alive our Mane Event.”

It's not too late to show your support for these remarkable doctors by making a donation to Cumberland Cancer Assistance. Go to the Support Us page and click on the Donate Now button. Every donation makes a difference!